The Importance of Copyright Laws (Challenge 5)

For this weeks Challenge is all about using Pictures and videos in posts and websites and how to use the properly.

There is a law called copy right that is used when you copy or use a picture or video from another person or website. If you use this law correctlyand show what site  you got it from (also called an Attribution) you Will not be fined and will not break this law. breaking this law can have some serious  consequences. you will be fined and if it is a serious case you can go to court and be jailed for what you have done. An attribution is normally a piece of writing that is ther to tell you who took or made that piece your going to use so it will look like this.



Image: ‘Molly the cutiest’

This is to show what and who put it on the Internet, if you put it on then its different and you can make an attribution of your own which should look like the one above.


When you first put the picture on you have to make a name for the picture like but it has to look like the one above (Image: ‘example’). then you do the URL ( from the sight you got it from.

 So if your making a piece of work or a post you should really put in a attribution so people can go to the sight and use the same one you have in your post.

(the picture of the girl is from my own computer so it is not from the Internet)

Earth Hour (Challenge 4)

Earth Hour Logo

This weeks Challenge is all about the ‘Enviroment’ and things we can do to save it.

I am doing a post about Earth Hour’. This is a day when you turn the things you aren’t using off, turn off all your lights and use candles to light your house. Even if you don’t take part in this hour it doesn’t matter you can cut down on using electronics and help save the earth. It is held on the 28th of march each year and runs from 8.30 to 9.30. Sometimes the date changes but the objective never does andi think that even though it only is once a year it should run all year round. who cares if its not for a reason all you need to know is that its for the environment. I took part in it and have gotten closer to my family because of it. I really believe that it helps the environment and hope it helps stop global warming. I am looking froward to the other environmentally healthy days and am looing forward to hearing from you so please comment and tell me what you think about it..


Peace out!!!!!