What Interests Me

Hi people is Skye again and its so good to be blogging again. I reall want to tell people what I love doing.


I love Photography and am getting reall good at it. I think that i have gotten alot better at it. I really want to be a wildlife photographer or a land scape one. I love to do photography and am lookiing forward to the future and to see what happens to me.


I also want to Be an artiest. Ireally love sketching and stuff like that. I am a detailed cartoons which means that i draw cartoons that are very detailed. I really think that i may have a future as a cartoonist.

 I want to be many other things but these are the first 2 on my list of things I want tobe. The only thing i dont want to be are a cleaner and something to do with poo and freezers…..

 All i want to say is that follow your dreams and just keep them alive……

This Skye signing off……


“Avatar Or Not?” Challenge 2

avatar 1

This weeks challenge is all about Avatars and when you can use a picture of yourself on the computer and on sites such as facebook.

I think that if you want to put it on the Internet then your entering a dangerous game. If someone was to see that picture and track you down and steal your identity. Ever sence  the day i started blogging I’ve learned that to be Internet savvy you need to always be careful of what you put on. i really want you to know that i believe that you need to have an avatar on sites like this. Sometimes on sites like class sites its OK that you have a picture of your self. I really encourage you to keep your privit life a secret. The only people who should know ae you and/or your friends and family.

Making an avatar is a safe and easy way to go around the web. Try to make them look a bit like you and show people what your interested in.

Avartars like the one on top are graet to use. It shows what I like and what i like to wear when i’m out.

This is skye signing off…




Challenge 1 “Why Visit Me???”

Hi, I am Skye and i am a fellow blogger. This is my 2nd year blogging and is also my 2nd year doing the challenge.

I think its great blogging and I have done many things to improve my blog and my learning skills. I have joined the blogging challenge and this is the first challenge.

My blog is going really well and I have done well making it my own. from the first post to the most resent I have made great improvements. I think i am going to do better this year and i really want to get into the spirit of blogging more. By making more friends and visiting peoples blogs more I can improve in the way i comment as well. i want to completely change the look of it so any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. i think you should visit my blog just for one good reason. FOR FUN . this blog is going to be about stuff that i like and many other things. i really want this blog to be a place for everyone. i want to see this blog become a Internet savvy place for kids and teens alike to just laugh and have a good time. Some of the post i write will be crazy and weird while others just normal and stuff that you want to hear. Like things that you are interested in and want to read about . i will be doing lots of polls and stuff to see what you think about things. Like what I Should do posts about, what other widgets i should put in andstuff like that. so if you like my blog i would really like to hear what you think about so plz comment on it.

 peace out … skidz (skye)

☺☺☺Time For Camp☺☺☺


 Its another old 1 so i want to know you all to tell me how far ive come….☺☺☺   

    We just came back from the best a school camp ever and my very first one to. We had so much going on the flying foxes, tyre swings, boats, bush walking and camp plays. All of my class mates and I had to do our share doing work in the kitchen like helping to cook tea and dinner and washing up. We all had to share cabins it was so fun.


Have you been on a camp? i’m dieing to know   How long did you go for?   

Swimming carnival

This is another one of my 1st post. i think i have gotten better.

hi people we have just came back from a swimming carnival we so much fun. we had house colours Harts, bridges and Davis i’m in Davis, GO DAVIS. There were heaps of events like the 50 metre back stroke, free style, breast stroke and heaps more. There were 100 metres events as well also relays and novelties. We all had heaps of fun. I dont know who won, but I hope its Davis though.                    

Have you been on a swimming carnival? I would realy like to know.


I really dont remember this but it was one of my 1st posts. I put it  as a page which was a bit of a mastake… So here it is and tell me the differents in my postd now…☺☺☺

Do you love pets as much as I do?. If you do well you must love them allot. We have two pets at home a bird and a rabbit. Their so cute and energetic. Our bird is named Bucks love kisses on the tummy and hangs upside down like a bat. Our rabbit is called Honey acts like a dog and loves hugs and kisses. Honey is a floppy eared rabbit and Bucks is a budgie.  Honey lives in a hutch outside that our dad made and Bucks keeps me up all night.

have you got any pets? I really want to know

what kind of pets are they?


My Birthday

Well just a week ago it was my birthday and I finally turned 13. It was so much fun i had a party with all my friends. well i havent did a post for a while so its a bit weird. well to all thouse who are at school good luck and i hope you have fun with all your fun.

well c ya people and peace out

School Holidays

Well, as people of Tasmania should know it is the school holidays.              What people don’t know is that there is nothing to do. Even though it is summer and it is a bit hot, it still doesn’t change it. I have no friends to hang out with and i have to go to different places every day almost. Anyway the best part about it is Christmas is so close, Four days to be exact. I can’t wait. Soon it will be my birthday to. How cool is that, more presents. So that’s wahts going on in my life. please tell me about yours.

and to all of the kids….



It was Ages ago when we had people come to our school to show us a DVD called Rebound.it showd that if youve been injurd in fatal accedent and docters said we could never walk again and we do. we watched a dvd all the the grade 6/7s it was so good. All theses people who did amazing things like sailing fome austarlia to new zealand and a heap more. this taught us a lot about rebounding from somthing bad to somthing good.

triumph over adversity

Drug addict: I knew someone who was a drug addict. It was really hard for this person to quit. S/he was in hospital recovering from an overdose he was only comforted by a little girl who read him stories and helped him recover. After that he tried to quit but the drugs were very powerful  and went back on them. He went back into hospital two more times and recovered fully. so he triumphed over adversity. But sadly he died days after.

Driver in a fatal accident: Sam Cawthorn was in a fatal car accident and and lost his left arm. He was in his car when it glided to the other side of the road  and crashed into another motorest. He was taken to hospital and treated for his injuries but they told Sam he would never walk again. But he worked on it and worked and he over came all odds and walked. He has changed sense the accident and is now confident enough the talk about it to children.

Children after divorce: I think that children after divorce have a rough time trying to get over it. They have many sleepless nights and have a very hard time at school. They’ll get bad grades, be very angry and  have a negative atitude to everything they do. Their perents have to sort everything at school, home and with other people like their friends and family. Other people dont understand what its like for them and the family. In the end they get used to it and get back to normal. Their family and friends are happy that they  have gone back to normal.

Returned Soldier: I think that a returned soldier has the hardest time getting over what they have seen and heard. All the dead people they have seen. They have seen their friends die and have killed people them selves i fell so sorry  for them. When they come home they have very bad memorys they will have forever and have nightmares every night. They have the hardest time trying to recover. They will remember what happened at war and stuff but they have the rest of their life to look up to.

unemployed person: Unemployed people have a hard time getting money for their family and themselfes. they get lack of money, confidence and friends. many people over 30 have a hard time finding a job and may not get a chance to get a job. So many people lose their home after losing their jobs and children have to drop out of school to help their mum/dad. But some companys let older people work there and other companys help them find jobs like S.T.E.P.S