The Company of Friends

The last few weeks of this term in skills for life (learning skills we’ll need in life after school) we’ve been doing things about Friends and what to look for in them. Doing this we’ve been watchin  a movie called “Cars”. Its about a racing car (Lighning Mcqueen) who is so involved in himself to care about others. After racing in the Piston he comes in even 1st with theKing and Chick. A final race is organised in California and the cars leave straight away. After this it all goes wrong for lightning. He gets lost and finds him self in a town in rout 66. A little town called Radiator Springs. There he meets people who are friendly not like the raceing cars in California. he learns how to be a good friend and how to keep promises.

How did he change during this period and what did he learn specifically about friendship? In his time at radiator springs he spent alot of time with the cars living within the area. After a while they grew used to his presense and they accepted him into their community. with this he became used to this and started to see what true Friendship is.

How did knowing Mater, Sally and Doc help Lightning develop into a better friend? These cars were close friends them selves and with thatshows that frieds are more inportant than winning a race.

List five characteristics that you value in a friend. Write a description of one of your best friends – not necessarily a student but could be an adult in your life. The five most important values you can have in a friend would be they can be trustworthy, happy, fantastic to be around, they can listen when u need it and you can always talk to them when you need to. this is my best friend rapped into one big fluffy cloud. i can trust her for anything.

i want you to tell me you ideal friend and why you love to hang around with them        

  Its been a fantastic term so far and maybe next term will be better then this term.

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by: Kat
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                                                                                3 way pull war              

               Hey people, its me again. I know I havent written much lately and this is one reason why.

We were on camp down at woodfeild lodge in Dysart down here in tasmania. This is the second camp that I’ve been on with the school and it seemed to be alot better then the last year. There were acouple of down sides to it like the size of the cabins. I had at leats 10 peolple in my cabin and it was very noisy and we got hardly any sleep. Other then that it was fantastic.

 It had a flying fox, volly ball, billy carts and many more activities and all of them were fun. I also want to thank all the teachers for takeing the time to look after us and keep us happy and full.



Earth Hour (Challenge 4)

Earth Hour Logo

This weeks Challenge is all about the ‘Enviroment’ and things we can do to save it.

I am doing a post about Earth Hour’. This is a day when you turn the things you aren’t using off, turn off all your lights and use candles to light your house. Even if you don’t take part in this hour it doesn’t matter you can cut down on using electronics and help save the earth. It is held on the 28th of march each year and runs from 8.30 to 9.30. Sometimes the date changes but the objective never does andi think that even though it only is once a year it should run all year round. who cares if its not for a reason all you need to know is that its for the environment. I took part in it and have gotten closer to my family because of it. I really believe that it helps the environment and hope it helps stop global warming. I am looking froward to the other environmentally healthy days and am looing forward to hearing from you so please comment and tell me what you think about it..


Peace out!!!!!


☺☺☺Time For Camp☺☺☺


 Its another old 1 so i want to know you all to tell me how far ive come….☺☺☺   

    We just came back from the best a school camp ever and my very first one to. We had so much going on the flying foxes, tyre swings, boats, bush walking and camp plays. All of my class mates and I had to do our share doing work in the kitchen like helping to cook tea and dinner and washing up. We all had to share cabins it was so fun.


Have you been on a camp? i’m dieing to know   How long did you go for?   

Swimming carnival

This is another one of my 1st post. i think i have gotten better.

hi people we have just came back from a swimming carnival we so much fun. we had house colours Harts, bridges and Davis i’m in Davis, GO DAVIS. There were heaps of events like the 50 metre back stroke, free style, breast stroke and heaps more. There were 100 metres events as well also relays and novelties. We all had heaps of fun. I dont know who won, but I hope its Davis though.                    

Have you been on a swimming carnival? I would realy like to know.


It was Ages ago when we had people come to our school to show us a DVD called showd that if youve been injurd in fatal accedent and docters said we could never walk again and we do. we watched a dvd all the the grade 6/7s it was so good. All theses people who did amazing things like sailing fome austarlia to new zealand and a heap more. this taught us a lot about rebounding from somthing bad to somthing good.

Ancient Greece and What I’m Doing

Well Hi again. If you read my last post you would have known that our class has been working on Ancient history and also you would have known that I’m working on Ancient Greece. Well i am working really hard on this so i really want you to know how in going with it. So i am doing the art, games and medicines. I’m getting allot of work done and i cant wait to see how it turns out. we have to do a 15 to 20 mins presintation and there are 4 people in our group so thats about 5 mins each. Anyway so i know the plants and herps they used to make medicines, illnesses they had and allot more for that subject. I’m learning about the paints and methods they had. I’ve also learned abot the games they used to play. This is a of what I’m doing.